The Workouts at Lamai Fitness

About the Workouts at Lamai Fitness The workouts at Lamai Fitness located on Koh Samui are no joke. My first few days at Lamai, I was fighting back tears during Every. Single. Workout. And after the workout, I could physically not get off the floor of my room because I was so exhausted, and everything […]

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The Food at Lamai Fitness

Detoxing with Food at Lamai Fitness Talk to any fitness guru and they’ll tell you that the key to losing weight and staying healthy is eating right. When I went to Lamai fitness to lose weight, I knew that the workouts would be grueling, but I also knew I had to seriously change my diet. The […]

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A Day at Lamai Fitness

A Day at Lamai Fitness 6:15am: Wake-up A day at Lamai fitness begins with a 7 am workout-so I’m up at 6:15 mentally preparing myself for what is to come. I usually drink my apple cider vinegar, take a few L-Carnite pills to give me energy through my workouts, drink a bottle of water so […]

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Tips for a Nervous Flyer

I hate flying. It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I do. The whole process of going through security, waiting for the flight, loading the plane, being squashed in a small seat, the flight itself, and waiting to get off the plane, causes me anxiety. But even worse, about four years […]

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Fall in D.C.: Photos

There is something about the fall that always feels like coming home. After spending the past six years and three years in Florida, respectively, Meghan and I relish our time in the district during autumn. Fall in D.C. is something entrancing. Having spent the majority of our lives in a D.C. suburb, we’re no strangers […]

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How to Plan a Trip

I’ve taken some amazing trips. And, each trip was unique. But, I plan all of my trips in very similar ways, even though the final product can look drastically different. Of the 18 days that I was in New Zealand, 16 of them were on a small group tour. But, when I backpacked Europe for […]

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Why Traveling Sucks-And Why it’s so Worth It

It will happen, when you’re traveling, something bad, or annoying, or horrifying will happen. Travel is a beautiful thing that will transform you into a wonderful, adaptable, loving, and interesting person with awesome stories. But, there are a few negatives that come with the territory. You need to learn to be adaptable, and prepare yourself […]

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How do I Save Money to Travel?

In 2014, I wrote a post about how I Saved $5,000 to backpack Europe. The $5,000 actually lasted about six weeks, and also covered about a thousand dollars worth of first-time traveler supplies. It’s been about two and a half years since that trip, and I’ve still managed to take several amazing trips during my […]

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