A Great Excursion in Prague: Prague’s Beer Spa

I had never heard of Prague’s Beer Spa before.  It was not my first trip to Prague- I had been to Prague before, and had admired the history and the architecture, imagining myself in some adult version of Disney World. I was excited to go back to Prague and see the picturesque city again. But, I wanted to try something new, and different this trip.

Prague It was my boyfriend that ultimately found this cool excursion in Prague. Prague’s Beer Spa combined his love of beer with my love of spas. What could go wrong?

What is a Beer Spa?

I didn’t know that beer spas were a thing in many countries around the world. But Prague is the home of the concept and we actually visited the original spa. Their link is here if you would like to visit the spa that we went to.

The company offers different packages depending on how many people you have, and different amounts of time. Since it was just the two of us, we chose the Beer Spa option, that includes beer treatment, unlimited amount of light and dark Czech beer, relaxation on the straw bed, and beer bread. It is not cheap, so we decided to stick with one hour. For us, this was fine, another hour would have been nice, but we didn’t feel rushed only having one hour.

Prague's Beer Spa

The Original Beer Spa has two locations, we chose the Zitna location, since it was close to where we were staying.

We wore bathing suits underneath our street clothes, and packed our own undergarments as well as towels, sandals, and water.

Prague's Beer Spa

What to Expect

We arrived a bit early, the women at the front desk welcomed us with a plate of beer bread and directed us to a huge keg and told us to help ourselves. For about fifteen minutes we ate beer bread, and enjoyed the free beer.

Prague's Beer Spa

Then, the room was ready for us.

Prague's Beer Spa

The room is very large, and can hold up to 10 people, but it was just the two of us in there for the hour.  It is a cave-like room with brick walls. There is a place to put your belongings right in the room (which is locked from the inside), a comfortable bathroom with a big shower, a sauna, as well as a huge wheat straw bed, a big fire place, and the actual barrels that you soak in. It was very cozy.

Prague's Beer Spa

They also provide towels, which we didn’t know and brought our own.

A woman prepared the baths for us, pouring in hops, yeast, and malt into the hot water, and explaining the benefits of each. You’re not soaking in actual beer, just hot water with certain beer ingredients. It’s supposed to be very good for the skin.

Prague's Beer Spa

The barrels are large enough for two people to sit in and enjoy.

Prague's Beer Spa

While soaking in the beer-like water, you can drink as much beer as you want.

You heard me right. As much as you want.

The taps are right by the barrels, as well as an assortment of different beer bread. My boyfriend was giddy with excitement.

Prague's Beer Spa

We spent about 35 minutes in the barrels, enjoying the water. Then showered off and went into the sauna for about 10 minutes, and ended with resting on the straw bed by the fire for another 10 minutes. We, of course, were drinking beer and eating beer bread the entire time.

Prague's Beer Spa

Worth It?

The price does seem daunting at first, but you get a good amount of beer out of it, and the experience is definitely one of a kind.

It was a very cool excursion, and I highly recommend Prague’s Beer Spa to couples, friends, or even on your own for a fun, interesting evening in Prague!



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