The Heart of a Traveler

I’m Kelly, a 30-something year old, traveling the world on a teacher’s schedule and shoestring budget.

I figured out a way to make my love of travel fit in with my 9-5 job, making the most out of school breaks, and seeing a lot of the world in a short amount of time. 

As of 2020 I have been to over 35 countries. I’ve cruised around Greece, hiked Machu Picchu, bungee jumped in New Zealand, drove in a snow storm in Lithuania, went to a fitness camp in Thailand, and eaten more than my fair share of pasta and gelato in Italy. 


I’m a big believer in seeing a lot while traveling, but also scheduling free time to wander a city without a plan-no matter how limited my time in a place may be.

Budget plays a big role in my travels. Although, I have graduated from 20-bed dorm room hostels to more modest single room accommodations (still at hostels) , I stay on a strict budget. Saving up for traveling is something I’ve done my whole life, making sacrifices so I can spend time doing what I love.

When I’m not traveling, I’m working as a teacher in the hip city of St. Petersburg, Florida. My city is awesome, and I love showing people just how much there is to do here, from beaches and restaurants to museums and parks.

More of my Story

I grew up in northern Virginia, moving to Florida in 2013 after I graduated with my English degree from Virginia Tech and my master’s in Teaching.

Like most travelers, I had that one trip that changed my life, and I’ve been hooked on traveling ever since.

I thought about studying abroad, and later teaching and living abroad, I even got my TEFL certificate, but it never panned out, and I felt like I missed out on my chance to travel the world.

But life is funny, I ended up doing my own version of a “study abroad” experience, backpacking Europe for a couple of months and then au pairing for a family in Rome in 2014.

Even though I adore traveling, I knew living abroad wasn’t for me. I was too close to my family, and felt like living somewhere was very different from visiting somewhere. I found I had more appreciation for a country when I just visited, as opposed to living there for a longer stretch of time.

My favorite things to do in a new place are to walk around, admire the architecture or mountains or homes of a new place, do some yoga, eat all the good food, and have a couple of unique, memorable experiences.

Prague's Beer Spa
Like, bathing in beer at a beer spa.

Traveling brings me a lot of happiness and joy. I’m thankful to be able to travel as much as I can, even if its not for long periods of time.

So, that’s me. Sharing my city of St. Pete, and my short-term travel trips with other people who have busy jobs and busy lives, but still have that lust for foreign countries and new experiences. Just me, living my life with the heart of a traveler.


  1. Ann Priebe Reply

    Hi Kelly, I was looking for descriptions to the word “travelogue” and after reading your “About Me” under the heart of a traveler, I had to read further. You describe my 22 yr. old granddaughter to a T. I, also, have enjoyed many travels through the years and have gone on 10 trips since my husband passed 7 years ago. I am excited for you and for all who have expanded their hearts to see this great world God has given us. Stay safe. Enjoy! Ann of Shelby Township, Michigan

  2. It is so nice to know there are people in the world that feel the same way about travel that I do. I admire your strength and passion to go travel the world after your husband passed. I wish you many more safe and beautiful travels 🙂

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