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The Workouts at Lamai Fitness

About the Workouts at Lamai Fitness The workouts at Lamai Fitness located on Koh Samui are no joke. My first few days at Lamai, I was fighting back tears during Every. Single. Workout. And after the workout, I could physically not get off the floor of my room because I was so exhausted, and everything […]

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The Food at Lamai Fitness

Detoxing with Food at Lamai Fitness Talk to any fitness guru and they’ll tell you that the key to losing weight and staying healthy is eating right. When I went to Lamai fitness to lose weight, I knew that the workouts would be grueling, but I also knew I had to seriously change my diet. The […]

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A Day at Lamai Fitness

A Day at Lamai Fitness 6:15am: Wake-up A day at Lamai fitness begins with a 7 am workout-so I’m up at 6:15 mentally preparing myself for what is to come. I usually drink my apple cider vinegar, take a few L-Carnite pills to give me energy through my workouts, drink a bottle of water so […]

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