Last week I went on a cruise to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise Line. I’ve already written about what an amazing time that I had in Bermuda. But now, I want to write about being on the actual cruise.  On our 7-day cruise we were on the boat for three full days and two half-days, so essentially we spent more time on the boat than in Bermuda. But I wasn’t upset about that fact, because Norwegian Cruise Line is awesome. Point, period, done.


After being treated so horribly by Royal Caribbean, which I will write about once some final things have been resolved, Norwegian was a breath of fresh air. They went above and beyond my expectations. Being on the boat was an experience in and of itself.

Our departure port was Manhattan, New York. And the views leaving and coming back into the city were stunning. If you ever have the chance to see New York City from a boat, I highly recommend it. Just look at these views!





We sailed on Norwegian’s Breakaway, a ship only a little over a year old. And what a beauty! When I was inside I forgot that I was even on a cruise ship. I regret not taking more pictures of the inside of the boat because it was simply spectacular.


You might wander how I occupied my time for four days while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, well let me tell you. I spent my mornings and afternoons sunbathing on the top deck, listening to music and enjoying the warm sun and ocean breezes…and a margarita or two or three.


Evenings were spent in a variety of pursuits. One night my sister and I went to a dueling piano bar. Another night we went to a comedy club (which we then proceeded to visit another two times). We tested our luck at the casino, and danced in several of the ship’s many bars. During dinner on one occasion we watched a fifties style dance performance, another night we went to see a magic show.


One night, which was probably my favorite, I had the chance to see a cirque du solei performance. Yes, you heard me right, one of my favorite troops of all time performing on the Norwegian. The stage was pretty small, but what these people did on such a small stage blew me away. I was speechless. Unfortunately, almost every event prohibited photography, so if you’re wondering about the lack of pictures, now you know why.


Something was always going on onboard. We played trivia, did yoga, went to informational meetings about how the Breakaway was run and meetings about the construction and mechanics of the ship. And there were so many other things that we didn’t even have time to explore.

IMG_5836 IMG_5869




But all of this pales in comparison to the most impressive thing about Norwegian: the staff and their guest service. Most of the staff was made up of people from around the world, and boy do they work hard. And they are the friendliest people I have ever met. Whoever I passed in a hallway, be it a cook, bartender, waiter, room attendant, anyone, always smiled, said hello, and asked me how I was doing.


Another one of my favorite things was to watch the staff put on a talent show, showcasing their abilities. It was amazing to listen to these people who had been cooking my food and cleaning my room all week get on stage and sing, or dance.



I was just blown away by the whole experience, the ship, the food, the bars, the activities and events, but most of all the people. The wonderful staff were really the ones who ensured that I would never sail on any other cruise line besides Norwegian. I can’t wait to sail like a Norwegian again!





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