The only thing I knew I wanted to do in Lima was eat Ceviche.

All of my friends and web searches directed me to skip Lima and head straight to Cusco. I’m glad I don’t follow directions very well.

Lima is a fun city-but people usually don’t spend very much time there. So, here is how to spend (in my humble opinion) the perfect 24 hours in Lima….with a slight bias for food, walking, and people watching.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Lima

Head to the Beach

Hopefully, you’ve chosen to stay in one of the two most recommended neighborhoods in Lima-Miraflores or Barranco. I highly recommend staying in Barranco-as Miraflores is more residential and there’s not a whole lot to do or see in that part of town.

So, stay in Barranco and take an early morning beach walk. You’ll be stunned by the beautiful cliffs, greenery, and far away city-scape.

The beach itself is pretty too-with beautifully colored rocks and a gray ocean with perfectly spaced waves. If you’re a surfer, rent a board and surf with the locals–or spend some time looking for the perfect skipping stone.

Grab a Coffee or Tea in Barranco’s Las Vicinas

Spend the majority of your time in the hip Lima neighborhood of Barranco-home to various, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and amazing street art.

Start your day with some perfect artisanal lemonade or tea. Admire the artsy decor, complete with plants, inspirational sayings, and chalk art.

Take A Walk Around Barranco-Soak in the Street Art

Barranco’s street art scene is world-class. You can spend hours wandering the streets and admiring all of the beautiful work. Make sure you head over to the Bridge of Sighs-that’s where the best street art is.

Admire the surrounding houses and flowers in the area.

Stop in to Isolina’s for a Bite

The wait may be a bit long-because this place is so good. But, you’ll be rewarded with colorful characters (really great people watching) and food that will knock your socks off.

Go to a Coffee Shop for Dessert-Maybe Tostaduria Bisette

I’m unashamedly a hipster, (after all, what’s so bad about loving coffee, beer, and the environment?) and as a hipster, I adore any coffee shop or bar with great coffee and an interesting design space.  Tostaduria Bisetti is one such coffee shop.

Don’t order anything besides the drink with two espresso shots and some vanilla ice cream. Its delicious. 

Admire Barranco’s Architecture

Barranco’s street art isn’t the only colorful thing about it-the buildings-even the library and church are decked out in gorgeous hues. The flowers are pretty show-offy as well.

Get some Wares-Don’t miss Vernacula

There is a good mix of street wares and small shops in Barranco. I bought a few pieces of jewelry from street vendors, and then went to Vernacula for housewares.

Eat Ceviche-My Favorite, La Mar

In the neighborhood of Miraflores, La Mar boasts some of the best Ceviche I’ve ever had in my life. Try and go with friends so you can order several dishes and eat family style.

I recommend any kind of seafood, and a Pisco Sour to wash it all down and make the experience sweeter.

Take a Walk Around the Old City

There is an abundance of shopping in downtown Lima- but be prepared for crowds. There was so many people you can’t walk down the street without rubbing shoulders with hundreds of people. Go there to see the beautiful architecture-maybe duck into a shop or two-then head back to Barranco for a beer.

End your Night With a Beer-or Pisco

Barranco has many great bars-but no matter where you stay, grab a beer or traditional Pisco sour to end your perfect 24 hours in Lima.




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