Barcelona or the Gingerbread City

To be honest I don’t remember that much about Barcelona, or really any other part of Spain that I visited. Spain was part of my second trip to Europe tour.  Our EF tour guide was from Portugal, so I think he purposfully played up how wonderful Portugal was, and didn’t do as good of a job […]

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Unexpected memories

  Sometimes we, as humans, plan too much.  We make sure that our lives follow a laid-out routine, we schedule our days, by the hour, squeezing as much in as we possibly can.  Over planning is perhaps at its peak when planning a trip.  Especially a trip out of the country.  I am definitely guilty […]

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Pompeii, the ride comes to life

  My first experience with Pompeii was the ride at Kings Dominion.   I loved that ride.  The glorious city enveloped in fire, magnificent ruins splayed around, and then the glorious drop, and the huge splash made for an excellent thrill ride.  I then went on to learn about the history of Pompeii and the […]

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Living history at the Colosseum

I felt like a tourist on my second day in Italy, running around the city, trying to soak up as much information and culture as humanly possible in such a short amount of time.  A good portion of the day was spent at the Colosseum. The Colosseum first brought up scenes from the handful of […]

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