About the Workouts at Lamai Fitness


The workouts at Lamai Fitness located on Koh Samui are no joke. My first few days at Lamai, I was fighting back tears during Every. Single. Workout. And after the workout, I could physically not get off the floor of my room because I was so exhausted, and everything hurt so badly.

The basic day, Monday through Friday, consisted of three workouts a day: a cardio session, a yoga and stretch session, and a weights session. On Saturdays, there was a weights session and a yoga session, and we were encouraged to do some kind of light cardio on our own. Sunday was a day of rest. Which I usually spent exploring different parts of the island.


All together I lost about 15-16 pounds in three weeks at Lamai (or around 7 kilos) and lost another 15 pounds when I got back to the states in the next month. The workouts that I followed to accomplish 31 pounds of weight loss in 6 weeks were very intense. But, I believe that when you see fast results, you’re more motivated to keep going.

I recorded several days of workouts when I was at Lamai. Below, I recorded one week of the workouts. If you’re headed to Lamai fitness, or want a few new workouts for your health journey to try at home or while traveling, here they are!

A Week of Workouts at Lamai


Day #1

  • 2-hour hike with a steep incline
  • 75-minute yoga session
  • 75-minute gym session (see below)
  1. Warm-up: 30 jumping jack, 5 push up (3 rounds)
  2. Weights Stations: bench press, pushups, chest openers, Russian twists, twists at 90 degrees, and plank 4 rounds each 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off
  3. Cardio stations: ball slams, rope work, kettle bell swings, push-ups, inclined sit ups twists, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. 3 rounds.IMG_5712

Day #2

  • 1.5-hour ocean swim
  • 75-minute yoga session
  • 60-minute HITT workout (see below)
  1.  Box step ups/ 15 deadlifts (4 rounds), push-ups/10 thrust ups (4 rounds), Lower to overhead plate lift/overhead squat (10)
  2. 15-minute core workout: 50 flutter kicks, 20 reverse sit ups, 50 crunches, 20 leg lifts, and 50 mountain climbers (repeat to fill 15 minutes)IMG_5445

Day #3 

  • 60-minute power walk/jog
  • 75-minute yoga
  • 60-minute gym session (see below)
  1. 10 reps repeated 3x: 5 superman/ball slams/full sit up in between, russian twist with kettlebell, russian twist with bar, full sit up with bar, reverse inclined sit up, side plank with weight, bar hang with leg-ups, standing side crunchIMG_5631

Day #4

  • 75-minute walk
  • 75-minute yoga session
  • 30-minute hike
  • 60-minute gym workout (see below)
  1. Partner work, one partner works while the other one rests.
  2. Need to do 100 total of the following activities: Overhead thrusters, deadlift, squat overhead raise, mountain climbers, burpees, tri-dips, supermans, russian twistsIMG_4275

Day #5

  • 2-hour hike
  • 75-minute yoga
  • 60-minute gym workout: 15 seated row and 30 second plank (4x), seated pull-ups and 5 burpees (4x), 10 wide 10 medium 10 short grip bench press with 5 superman (4x), 1k row, 15 reverse crossover row and 5 ball slams (4x), 15 lateral raise, and 5 push-ups (4x)
  • 500 jump rope cool downIMG_5639

Day #6 (Saturday)

  • Cardio/Gym session hybrid: 10 hill sprints, 40 step/jump ups, 40 lunges, 40 kettle-bell swings, 40 sit ups, 40 burpees, 40 push-ups, 40 squats, 40 superman
  • 75-minute yogaIMG_5812

Tired, yet?


Man, just writing about all those workouts makes me tired. But you feel so good after!

The workouts at Lamai Fitness were extremely challenging, but also extremely rewarding. Through these workouts, I discovered the great power I have within myself, and how far I can push my body.


I used to engage in so much negative self-talk, on a daily, nay, hourly basis. But, accomplishing something like a killer workout like the ones listed above, makes you powerful, confident, and completely changes your outlook on life.

If you’re still struggling with negative self-talk, and can’t make it to Lamai fitness, go to a local crossfit class. That’s the closest thing to the workouts at Lamai that I’ve been able to find. They’re hard, so hard. But, the people are encouraging, and at the end, you’ll be able to take on the world!

Whatever you decide to do, know that you have a deep power within you, waiting to be unleashed. Don’t you ever, ever forget that.




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